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About Primal Construction


Primal Construction was founded by husband-and-wife Coty and Peyton Rinehart. They moved from a small Louisiana town to chase their dreams in Houston and have become one of the best, most trusted construction companies in the area. Their biggest goal is excellent customer relationships. They want every customer they build for to come back to them for every future project. Together, the husband-and-wife team hope to one day become one of the largest, greenest building and most efficient construction companies in Houston.

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To form a team dedicated to exceptional customer service. We aim to provide a professional approach to constructing exceptional quality project that meet established budgeting and scheduling goals.


We are relationship-oriented company where customers are our top priority. We are dedicated to making their construction experience a successful one. We are known for providing outstanding quality, meeting time commitments and being on budget.


Our employees are most valuable and we will continue to invest in them. We strive to provide competitive wages, quality medical and dental plans, profit-sharing, state of the art technology, systems and trainings. We want each employee to be proud to be part of the family at Primal Construction.

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